Eco-tourism and Community Development

from 26/04/2018 to 22/07/2020

Tourism Development

Working Area: Limbe
Intern Working Schedule: 9am – 4pm
City, Country: Limbe, Cameroon
Host Local Chapter: Limbe
Project Manager (Full Name): Paul Babila Mbua
Managers email:
Description of project:
Internship to help eco-tourism and community development for the locals in limbe, south west region, Cameroon" will be the best choice for you. In this project, the participants will take a research trip to buea where the mountainous area is one of the most pristine and beautiful of biodiversity. Staying with local people in homestay, directly working in a beautiful village and experiencing all kind of eco-tours there with the support of local people and also make you brainstorm and give new ideas to help local develop their own business.
• Helping hand for local community development
• In personal benefits, you will join in a new country and experience with new life and
People over there. You also get the time for travelling in new land for many interest in
pure natural, culture exchange and taste new style of people.
• Our mission is to bring a meaningful program for youth all around the world in their
internship time, particularly, bring a opportunity for students to experience with a real
environment related the field they study, challenge with the task and study case in a new
land, foreign country where they will work with new people.
• We aim to bring an opportunity for participant for self-development, a transparent,
• We also promote respect of helping hand for local people by some way that students can
help through giving their initiative idea from their research.
Positions available (How many interns are considered to work on project): 1
Start Date: Ongoing
Project duration is 1-3 months depending on candidates preference.
Cost: 250 Euros per month, Accommodation Included
Pick Up from Airport
Language/cultural support available
Tourism (Visit of Touristic sites)
You can apply HERE
Tags:   LDA Global Tourism
Paul Bengyella