Agriculture (Sustainable, Organic and Community Farming)

from 15/03/2018 to 06/02/2020

Generating new ideas

Intern Working Schedule: 9am – 4pm
City, Country: Idenau, Cameroon
Host Local Chapter: Limbe
Project Manager (Full Name): Paul Babila Mbua
Manager’s email: 
Description of project:
Idenau is a high land area where 95% of the people dependent on agriculture for a living.
And crop cultivation is basically organic but the people lack new ideas that can guide them to produce in large quantity in under to feed the recent over population. This has led to high demand of food crops in the market. Covering three square of meals a day for a family round the year is a problem.
As an Intern or volunteer, you will join our local team to:
-Assist Farming Groups in farming fields -Growing herbs and organic vegetables and fruits
-Share common ideas on Agriculture with the poor farmers.
-Develop small canals for irrigation
-Visit cattle ranch and assist in feeding and milking
-Assist or learn how crops such as cassava is transformed into finish products
-You will come across and learn how maize among others are organically cultivated by farming groups.
You would also join our team in raising awareness on various agricultural practices share ideas and create awareness on environmental issues like Global warming, climate change, depletion of natural resources and wherever possible in seeking solutions as well. This will be done in our new Eco Village.
Positions available (How many interns are considered to work on project): 2
Start Date: Ongoing
Project duration is 1-3 months depending on candidates prefference.
Cost: 250 Euros per month
Pick Up from Airport
Accommodation included
Language/cultural support available
Tourism (Visit of Touristic sites)
You can apply HERE
Paul Bengyella