Volunteer Program

from 31/08/2017 to 30/12/2017


Available year-round
4 meaningful project options: Opportunities link
Projects based in the Jaipur The Pink City & Rural Parts of Rajasthan
Accommodation in local homestays or a volunteer dormitory
Between 10 and 25 volunteers start in Jaipur Each Month
Program fees include airport pick-up at Jaipur (Only), orientation, accommodation
5% international banking fee is added at point of payment.
Volunteering Form Terms & Conditions Apply
Any Volunteer who wishes to volunteer for 2 or more projects at a time will get 10% Discount in Volunteering Fees.
Any Volunteering Services applied for More than 45 days will be called as Internship Program and certification will be done accordingly.

Length of program in Weeks No of Days Without Accommodation Fee $USD (Only Orientation Program Half Day Included Along with Volunteering Certification) With Accommodation Only Program Fee $USD (Airport Pickup Only, Orientation Program, 24/7 Assistance Guidance along with Volunteering Certification)
1 7 35 250
2 14 80 300
3 21 130 400
4 28 180 500
5 35 230 600
6 42 280 700
8 56 380 900
10 70 450 100
12 84 500 300
16 112 700 700
20 140 800 100
24 168 1000 500

The price of each project includes:
• Accommodation
• Airport pick up only
• Orientation Cost
• In-country induction with a staff member upon arrival
• Support and 24 hour back-up
• Local Assistance & Guidance
• Pre-departure support from by email/Skype/WhatsApp

The price does not include:
• Flights
• Visas (where applicable)

What extra costs will I have (Excludes in Fees)?
• Visa, flights, travel insurance (mandatory), vaccinations, criminal background check, souvenirs, Local Transportation & Travel Cost in-country trips or tours.
• Transfer back to the airport at conclusion of the program
• Spending money - Volunteers in India
• Weekends and travel - During the weekends, volunteers have spare time to relax or take the opportunity to explore Delhi or travel further afield to destinations, such as Agra, Pushkar or Jaipur. Volunteers can make travel arrangements after arriving in Jaipur, however if you are planning a long weekend trip during your time in India, it is a good idea to look into train tickets in advance and visit a travel agent to discuss travel options.

Arrival and orientation
• The program orientation begins on the next day after arrival at Jaipur
• After you have registered for the program, please book your flights to arrive at Jaipur for which Your airport pick-up is included in your Program Fee.
• When you arrive, you will be greeted at the airport by a member of our team and transported to the volunteer accommodation in Jaipur, Your accommodation is covered by your Program Fee and includes the night before your program orientation. Which is a standard half-day orientation that starts on your selected start date and covers everything you need to know for your volunteer program in Jaipur – Introduction to India, Indian Customs, Language Training Details, Rules and Expectations, Safety, Travel Opportunities in India, Introduction to your Project and Placement. The orientation will also give you a chance to meet other volunteers and swap contact details for weekend travel and socializing who have joined during the same duration you will be working with the Organization if any

Day 1: Volunteers are provided with an introduction to India and an introduction to the program staff and procedures. Topics discussed include History of India, Religion, Caste System, Marriage, Festivals, Dress/Clothing, Family Values, Safety Issues, Food, Transportation and Travel Opportunities. You will also be given your orientation week schedule and provided details about your volunteer project and accommodation, to follow after the orientation week. The afternoon will conclude with an introduction to the Hindi language. The morning session will be provided to those who choose the half- day orientation.
Day 2: Jaipur Sightseeing (5 to 7 hours)– Nahargarh, Jaigargh, Amer Fort, Hawamahal, CityPalace, Jantar Mantar, Govind Devji Temple or any) Entrance Fees, Camera Cost, Travel Cost is excluded in it. Assistance Support Provided
Day 3: Hindi Language Lesson (approximately 3 hours), learning basic letters, greetings and useful vocabulary and expressions, which will help assist you at your volunteer placement.
Day 4: Visit to Organization and Job Discussion on Volunteering services and allocation of Work
Day 5 (Friday): Starts Your Volunteering services for Number of Days
Day 6 & 7 (Weekends): Taj Mahal/Pushkar Tour (optional add-on), which includes an air conditioned car or van from Jaipur to Place you wish to travel and back, state insurance, driver, parking and toll taxes, breakfast, lunch and a guide along with stay (All Cost to be paid by the Volunteer as not included in the Volunteering Fees)

Volunteers are accommodated in home-stays and Hostel Chains like Zostel, Backpacker Panda  and in some Childcare placements, volunteers may instead be accommodated in a volunteer dormitory. Volunteers can expect to share a room with two or five other volunteers, however in some home-stays volunteers may have their own rooms. While bedding is provided, it is recommended that volunteers bring their own sleeping bag for any weekend trips away and during the winter months (November through February). Living is comfortable and all home-stays have electricity, WiFi and running water. These home-stays are run by local families who have been approved by our local staff.
In case of special stay requirements in Hotels & Havelis, the cost has to be paid separately for which the organization can assist you in terms of identifying your needs and get the bookings done at best rates.

Food is not included in any of the program cost and has to be treated as per their interest and requirement

Why pay for volunteering?
By signing up for volunteering services you are donating your time and skills to work directly with communities in need through a structured project. However, even volunteering comes at a cost, especially if you want to support long-term, meaningful projects where they’re needed most. This is why we charge a fee for volunteering or interning for our projects.
While it may be cheaper to go at it alone on your own volunteer trip, there are many benefits of volunteering through an organization like ours. It is difficult and time consuming to find projects to support in which are safe, worthwhile, and reputable. When you sign-up with our projects, you will receive travel support, orientation, a safe place to live while in your destination, a supportive work environment, a safety net through our local and professional full-time or part time  staff and logistical support if required, in addition to clear expectations of the work you will do from day one.
In short, you are paying for an option you can trust, an option that will ensure that your trip is worthwhile and an option that will make a positive and sustainable impact on the community you have chosen to serve.

Where does the money go?
We are an independent organization that does not rely on fundraising or government funding to achieve social goals. We get all our funding from the fees paid by our volunteers and interns. These fees are not a once-off donation to your chosen project. These fees go towards the costs of your trip, long-term support for the project you work on, and the organization and infrastructure needed to make sure our projects and social goals around the world are sustainable and successful.
And, of course, we don’t request money from our partner organizations. All our work is 100% funded through your contributions as a volunteer.
It is this financial independence that gives us the freedom to set up projects wherever we consider these will have the most impact and where we believe that our volunteers can make a valuable contribution.
Your project price, therefore, not only covers the costs that are directly linked to your presence on the ground, but also a share of all the other costs needed to run our high quality volunteering projects.
We want to be as open as possible about how your volunteer fees are spent, but it isn’t possible to give exact details of how each volunteer’s contributions are distributed. However, we have set out the average percentages and some clear explanations.

These percentages represent the average of all our projects, and are based on our 2015 figures. Depending on the country of origin, the destination, the time of year, the type of project and other factors, these figures will vary from project to project.

Raghunath Reddy Koilakonda